On the Path to Develop

Simultaneous High-Resolution and High-Sensitivity PETs (H2RS-PET)

Active Research Support

Junwei Du (Principal Investigator)   

04/01/2022 - 12/31/2025

National Institutes of Health

The goal is to develop a total-body small animal PET scanner with ~0.5mm resolution and >10% sensitivity across the whole mouse body.

Role:  Principal Investigator.

Junwei Du (Principal Investigator)

07/01/2020 - 03/31/2025

National Institutes of Health

The goal is to develop a high-sensitivity (~50%) total-body small-animal PET for low-dose studies. Bismuth germanate is used as a scintillator due to its low intrinsic background radiation.

Role: Principal Investigator.

Jaroslaw Glodo (Principal Investigator,  RMD Inc.)

08/04/2023 - 08/03/2026 

National Institutes of Health

This collaborative project aims to develop and verify a new scintillator (LuO) with higher density (9.4g/cm3) and lower cost, compared to L(Y)SO, for the next-generation brain PET scanners.

Role: Sub-contract Principal Investigator.

Richard Carson, Hongdi Li, Jinyi Qi (Multiple Principal Investigators)

09/12/2020 - 08/31/2025

National Institutes of Health  

This Brain Initiative proposal proposes the construction of the very high sensitivity and high spatial and time of flight resolution dedicated brain PET imager using the upgraded technology from the uEXPLORER scanner.

Role:  Co-Investigator.